I have decorated my tree – I was embarrassed to post it on social media. Is it colour coordinated? No. Beautiful, bushy and full bodied? Absolutely not. An insta worthy festive triumph? Sweet Jesus judge for yourself.

It is a slightly thinning, artificial number filled with what I would describe generously as “an eclectic mix of decor styles from the past few decades”. Some might call it charming or kitch even – the less polite might liken it to the handiwork of a sugar fuelled toddler with a passion for glitter.


So what??

When did Chrimbo become all about the “perfect experience”. The cheeseboard in front of the picturesque crackling fire, a Christmas film on the worlds biggest TV, perfectly positioned stockings on a tastefully decorated mantle, or…..the piece de resistance MATCHING family PJ’s. Which I quite like. But the mere suggestion of this has my family running at top speed back to Halloween.

So, here’s to the humble non-colour coordinated tree. When we ceremoniously take it out of it’s sellotaped, barely functional box, it’s dusty tinselly smell evokes an instant feeling. (Yes tinsel has a smell shush) we laugh at all the silly decorations we have acquired over the years.

Pink elephant anyone? I proudly show off my little Santa decorations from the 80’s – a family heirloom of zero monetary value. And finally it’s Christmas. It’s not fancy, it’s definitely not going to feature on the gram but it’s a lifetime of memories for the nippers and this year more than ever they need the solid feeling of certainty and familiarity – thanks crappy old tree.