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Small Biz Lois

It’s not all a highlight reel in the day to day running of a small biz! We don’t often have a place to share the “lows” as Instagram/Pinterest tend to be quite shiny places, so I thought I would pop up a blog post to talk about…..shock horror, when things go wrong!

Sometimes it’s the little things, yesterday for example (all my troubles seemed so far away…..) I had an email from one of our lovely customers – Royal Mail had passed a charge onto her as I had “underpaid the postage”. Well I was incensed! Considering it was weighed in the first instance by….yes you guessed it Royal Mail! (Who are lovely and endorsed by the queen etc etc)

But yes frustrating and not something big brands have to deal with the humiliation of.

Luckily our customer is king and generally people are very understanding when things go wrong (I got 99 problems but the customer ain’t one).

We had a package arrive so badly damaged once we were convinced the postman had tore it open with his teeth, they must get peckish on their rounds. Tasty goods indeed!

Another comedy mishap which springs to mind was a few months back when we sent out one of our custom family name prints to a lovely customer. Said customer sent me an email thanking me for her print and whilst she loved the artwork her husband was actually called Gareth not Garth! Whoops, party on Wayne! Note to self, must always triple check custom name prints.

So yes as humans we make mistakes (I’m looking at you parcel eating postman), but if we can deal with them quickly and retain a sense of humour it’s part and parcel (yup) of small biz life.

Enjoy your day!
Lois 🖤

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